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What Is

Littleleaguepin.Com is an online community for pin traders.   This site offers a place for collectors of Little League pins to buy, sell, trade, or just discuss.  

In the forum section where many collectors have already signed up and started trading pins during the off season.  In the forum section sign up is free of charge.

In the blog section that give information about  updates and changes to the Little League pin forum.  There is also has information about new pins designs and much more.  

The arcade sections is new to the side and allows visitors to plan many flash arcade games for free.  The Pins On Ebay section changes everyday.  It shows Little League pins that are listed for sell on Ebay with links to the Ebay auction.  

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Pin Trading Innocent Hobby... Or Obsession?


What Is Little League Pin Trading?

In case you've never heard the phrase before, don't feel bad, most people think of Little League and baseball comes to mind. For the many that trade pins, trading, discussing and when does pin trading season start up again.   Here's a bit of an explanation for everyone else.  Pin trading is the activity of making a mutually agreeable exchange of one Little League pin for another. A "tradable" pin is one that is "a cloisonné, semi-cloisonné or hard-enamel metal Little League pin,"   Trading is much different for Little League pins them it is for Disney pins. Most Disney pins are trades are basically on a one-for-one basis.  Little League pins are traded for what every the owner is willing to trade it for.  No one is required to trade pins.  This concept has turned a innocent hobby into an obsession.  Pins have increased in size over the years. Now it is not uncommon to see 4" or 5" 3d type pins. 


Where do people trade Little League pins?


Little League pins are traded at baseball games, tournaments and of course the Little League World Series.  The most common place for trading Little League pins is held every year in August in Williamsport, Pennsylvania .   There is a large trading tent which is normally filled with people during the time the baseball games are being held.   When the baseball games are over most people go to the trading DPH Custom Pin room at the Genetti Hotel.  Here you will find everyone from the occasional pin trader to the hard core trader.    Wilson Trophy Company has a pin trading room at the Holiday Inn hotel.   Each pin vendor has an artist in there pin trading room helping clients with new or existing designs.  Many times a discount is offered if new pins are order during the Little League World Series. 


Who is doing the trading?


Traders are of all ages, from children to seniors.   These traders come from all over the world.  Some start out trading pins after buying a few souvenirs and suddenly finding a pin they like better and trade.